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Weekend CNA Classes: A Convenient Option to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant

If you are interested in pursuing a career in nursing, becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA) can be a great way to enter the field. Many people choose to attend CNA classes because of the flexibility it offers, and there are now a number of weekend programs available that cater to those who cannot attend classes during the week.

Weekend CNA classes are designed to provide the same training as traditional weekday classes. They cover everything from patient care to vital signs, and students will learn how to assist nurses and doctors in providing quality care to patients. Students will also learn how to take the state exam to become a certified nurse assistant.

There are many reasons why people may choose weekend CNA classes over traditional weekday classes. One reason is that they may already have a full-time job or have other responsibilities during the week. Attending classes on the weekends allows them to continue working or taking care of their other obligations.

Another reason why people may choose weekend CNA classes is because they offer a more concentrated format. Since the classes are condensed into just two days per week, students can complete the program more quickly than if they were attending classes during the week.

If you are considering attending weekend CNA classes, it is important to choose a reputable training center. One option is ABC Training Center, which offers state-approved nurse assistant training programs. The program covers a wide range of topics related to patient care, and prepares students to take the state exam to become certified.

Program Overview

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse assistant, but finding it difficult to balance work or other commitments with your training, a weekend CNA program could be the solution you’re looking for. This program is designed for individuals who wish to get certified as a nurse aide in a shorter timeframe and can’t commit to extensive weekday training for months on end.

The weekend CNA program is typically shorter than traditional weekday programs, usually spanning from six to eight weekends or a total of 80-120 hours of training. ABC Training Center’s weekend program, for example, consists of 80 hours of instruction and includes additional hours of hands-on clinical experience in a real-world environment.

The types of training you’ll receive include both practical skills and classroom instruction. The practical training portion of the program covers procedures such as taking vital signs, monitoring symptoms, providing patient care, and moving patients safely. Meanwhile, the classroom portion covers topics like ethics, communication, and medical terminology.

If you’re concerned about the validity of a weekend CNA program compared to a traditional weekday program, rest assured that it covers all the necessary content required by the state exam. This means that upon successful completion of the program and passing the state exam, you’ll still be certified and eligible for employment as a certified nurse assistant.

At ABC Training Center, our weekend program offers the same level of quality education as our weekday program, with experienced instructors who are passionate about training the next generation of nurse assistants. We also provide hands-on, real-world experience via our clinical externship program, which allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a supervised setting.

The Benefits of Weekend CNA Classes

Weekend CNA classes offer various benefits to individuals seeking to become certified nurse assistants. The aim of this section is to list some of the advantages of taking weekend CNA classes and how it can fit into a busy schedule.

Flexibility: One of the major benefits of taking weekend CNA classes is the flexibility it provides. Individuals who work during the week can take advantage of weekend training to obtain their certified nursing assistant license. This approach is a win-win situation as it allows working individuals to balance their work and career goals effectively without the need to quit their jobs.

Fit into a busy schedule: Many people have busy weekday schedules due to work or other commitments that demand their attention. Taking weekend CNA classes can make it easy for individuals to plan their study time around their schedules without the risk of missing important sessions.

Career change: Weekend CNA classes can be of immense help to persons looking to change their career. It is an opportunity for individuals from different professions to cross-train and build a career in patient care.

Skill Enhancement: The healthcare industry is ever-changing, and weekend CNA classes can be an excellent option for people seeking to enhance their skills in the healthcare industry, especially those that work in a nursing or aide center. The program will help participants improve their CNA training, including taking vital signs, patient care, and becoming a better assistant.

Possibility of getting CNA license: Attending weekend CNA classes can help kickstart a student’s journey towards getting a CNA license. It is one of the requirements for sitting for the state exam and becoming certified as a nurse assistant.

ABC Training Center: ABC Training Center is a well-known institution that offers weekend CNA classes. The center is committed to providing quality education which can lead graduates to become successful certified nursing assistants. There is a high demand for CNA license holders, and ABC training center can help people start their journey in the healthcare industry.

The CNA Exam and Certification

The CNA or Certified Nurse Assistant exam is a nationally recognized test that assesses the knowledge and competency of individuals looking to become nurse assistants. The exam covers several aspects of nursing, including patient care, vital signs, communication, and safety measures in the clinical setting.

To become a certified CNA, one must first complete an accredited training program. This training program includes both classroom and clinical components and teaches students important skills necessary for the job. After completing the training program, individuals may sit for the state exam.

Passing the CNA exam can be challenging, but there are several tips that can help individuals pass. First, it is important to attend CNA classes and complete all assignments. Additionally, practicing fundamental skills such as taking vital signs and providing patient care is essential. Utilizing study materials, such as flashcards or practice tests, can also aid in success.

If individuals are looking to become certified nurse assistants but have limited time, ABC Training Center offers a weekend program. This program provides an efficient way for individuals to earn their CNA license and begin working as a nurse assistant. The center offers comprehensive assistant training that includes hands-on clinical experience, expert support, and preparation for the state exam.

Being a certified nurse assistant is a rewarding career that allows individuals to contribute to the health and care of patients. By completing the training program and passing the state exam, individuals can become certified nurse assistants and provide crucial support in the clinical setting.

Job Placement After Graduation

The weekend CNA program provides students with job placement services to assist them in finding employment after graduation. This service helps graduates in their job search and ensures they are able to put their nursing assistant training to use in the workforce.

The job outlook for CNAs is projected to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030, which is faster than the average job growth for all occupations. As the population ages, there will be an increased need for healthcare services, including the need for nursing assistants.

CNAs can find work in a variety of healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. They may assist registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, and provide support to patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding.

The weekend CNA program offers classes that provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become certified nursing assistants. They learn how to take vital signs, perform basic first aid and CPR, and provide personal care to patients. The program also prepares students to take the state exam to become licensed CNAs.

Upon completion of the weekend program, graduates can pursue job opportunities as nursing assistants in various healthcare settings. This allows them to utilize their skills and provide patient care while also earning a living.


Taking weekend CNA classes is essential for individuals who want to become certified nurse assistants. The benefits of taking these classes are numerous, and they can help individuals achieve their goals of becoming CNAs.

The weekend program offered by ABC Training Center provides crucial assistant training for those who want to work in patient care. In the classes, students learn vital signs management, patient care techniques, and how to help registered nurses in various tasks.

After completing the classes, individuals can take the state exam and become certified nurse assistants. This opens up numerous job opportunities in the nursing field as nurse assistants are in high demand.

Furthermore, individuals who take weekend CNA classes can cross-train and become nurse aides in other areas such as Acute Care or Long-Term Care Centers. This is an added advantage that individuals who only have basic CNA classes may not have.

Take the first step towards becoming a certified nurse assistant today by signing up for weekend CNA classes from ABC Training Center.

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